Friday, March 12, 2010

I watched in horror last night as Anderson Cooper hosted Mike Moore pontificating his socialistic, feel-good agenda without any balanced point of view. He is a film maker that gets people to listen to him by demonizing some stereotypes. Shouldn't AC, as a journalist, be asking Moore some hard questions instead of just giving him a podium so that he can rant?

Fundamental economics has proven that if a business is making a profit, then more competition will spring up and squeeze the profit margins so that everyone benefits. And the key to making that work is when individual people are making choices about what is best for them. By having the insurance companies bypass the individual and work directly with providers, we lose the efficiencies of a working market. And contrary to Mr. Moore’s claims, as reported by CNN (, government healthcare in Canada is not only incapable of providing a service as good as , people are dying to get service.

When Pres. Obama was campaigning for office, I liked that he espoused a belief that individuals were the solution to our problems, but so far the majority of politicians in DC have completely ignored the individual as a solution, and have been focused on building new institutions that they can control.

Yes, the US healthcare system does need to be changed, but we need more people to take responsibility for taking better care of themselves, and becoming smarter consumers.