Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MS CRM Horizontal scroll bar

A client contacted me to complain that one of the users needed to see all the fields in a custom opportunity view (where they had asked for a lot of extra fields to be added). After a couple rounds of emails, the IT manager wrote back and said that he realized the user had a low resolution screen (1024 x 768) and the view did not have a horizontal scroll bar.

Here were some options we came up with (assuming IE 7):

1. Use the Internet Explorer Zoom feature – when you open the CRM opportunity list, hold down the control key and roll the mouse center wheel and it will zoom in/out so that you can see more data, albeit smaller.

2. Make the width of the columns narrower – this will make them all visible, but with the font at that size, the data will be mostly hidden.

3. Get him a bigger screen and use a slightly higher resolution (like 1280 x 1024) – this should make it easy to see and give you visibility of all the fields.

4. He could use an Excel add-in tool from Prosoft Systems, and he would have visibility to all the data in all 4 business areas

5. Change the default Text Size of the browser to be "Larger" so that when the view is rendered in its IFrame, it will be too large for the window width and force IE to render a horizontal scroll bar.

Hope this helps someone! If you have any other suggestions, please share them.

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