Friday, November 16, 2018

PowerApps survival tips for CRM: Option sets & Drop Downs

I have been playing with PowerApps (technically a Canvas app) on and off for about a year and the parts are finally coming together for this to be a viable product to integrate into my CRM solutions. One of the stumbling blocks I have been frustrated with are CRM Option Sets because it was not easy to implement in a Canvas App as a Drop Down or Combo box control. MS has released an update that takes care of that for you now.

If you have tried to add an Option Set to a form in a Canvas app, and you have noticed that you only get its value displayed as a number, then you have not seen the latest updates. Now you can easily put option sets on forms without all the hassle of creating collections of values.

Displaying the option set text value in a Gallery

Good news here – our friends at MS have included option set labels as fields in queries so that you can include them in the gallery. For example, I wanted to show the case type in a gallery, so now I can simply choose the “_casetype_label” field and it is translated into “ThisItem.'Case Type Label' ” so there is no need to do any fancy translation just to display the current field value.


Add a Drop Down control to a form

When you select fields, choose the Case Type Label


and the option set will be populated with the appropriate values:


When you change the value on the form and save it, the correct value is updated in CRM.

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